Boulders Beach, Simonstown


Group Pic Boulders Team

The beauty of the covid shift, has encouraged us to create a new kind of Hotel.  What was a thriving restaurant  for the myriad of passing tourists has been tastefully renovated into healing spaces conducive to relaxation and creativity.  Ideal for workshops, meetings and intimate gatherings, or simply to relax and do your own practice.  The vision is to create a space conducive to growth.  A holiday where you can not only recharge but reset.   Settle into your personal wellness for the weekend. A space for you.

Originally build as a Police Convalescent over a hundred years ago, the property turned to Self Catering and never looked back.

Owner, Frans Hollenbach is entrepeneurial and adaptive.  Encouraged by partner Zaria Davies whose interests lie in healing and what really makes us sick, and their eldest son Eneo Hollenbach, they have embarked on a mission to create a healing, happy space.

Frans Hollenbach studied Business science at UCT back in the day and has made his way as an entrepreneur from selling hammocks and African sandals on Green Market Square to starting backpackers, and buying old hotels.  He has owned Boulders Beach Hotel for 26 years.  He met Zaria when she came to waitress for him 23 years ago!

Zaria holds a BSc (Physiotherapy) degree, a Polarity Therapy Certificate and many many years of yoga and teaching experience…(not to mention those waitressing days!). Her passion is ‘what really makes us ill and how do we heal?’  She is inspired by the works of Deepak Chopra, Her yoga teacher Simon Ben Avi, Dr Gabor Mate, Dr Bruce Lipton, Carolyne Myss, and many others.

Madelein will be your host and looks forward to welcoming you to some true South Peninsular Hospitality. Her experience and knowledge of the area will make you wish you stayed longer. She has a passion for health and Healing with lots of heart.