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Why you should stay in Simons Town on your next Cape Holiday

Why you should stay in Simons Town on your next Cape Holiday

an article by Johnieka Holtzhausen from Discover Africa Group


This picturesque coastal town is eagerly welcoming back visitors after the quiet COVID months.  With photos popping up in the media of the penguins and other animals roaming the streets during Level 5, it’s clear the animals love the little town as much as we do. 


With plenty of marine life and its beautiful historical architecture, it makes a stunning change from the usual African Safari holiday itinerary


I’ve compiled a list of some of my favourite reasons why Simons Town should be included in your next holiday. 

Boulders Beach

Not only is this beach famous for swimming and family-friendly, but it’s also home to a colony of endangered African Penguins.  Waddling around in their iconic tuxedos, they will entertain young and old alike, and worth every cent of the small conservation entry fee charged. 


Make a morning of it and enjoy a laid back picnic on the beautiful white sand. 


Grab a delicious bite or refreshing drink and wind down at one of the many welcoming restaurants overlooking the beautiful False Bay..  


Some of the more well-known restaurants are Bertha’s, and Seaforth but don’t look past the other more local places like the Salty Sea dog and Dixies Pub that offer some of the best seafood dishes in Cape Town.

Water adventures

Enjoy an unforgettable kayak or canoeing experience with close up views of the naval vessels and the penguins at Boulders beach. You’ll also have the opportunity during whale season to spot these magnificent creatures from your kayak along with their seal friends. 


Another unique and fun adventure for water lovers is the water bike tour with equally stunning views of the coastline and its rich marine life. Unlike with Kayaking, you’re elevated, which just offers so many more sighting opportunities. Relatively easy and no skills required for this one, but you have to be able to reach the pedals, so a minimum height of 1.5 metres is generally required.   


With plenty of accommodation options in this historical little town you’ll be spoilt for choice—most with breathtaking views across False Bay and perfect for relaxing sundowners.  


The best accommodation in this area is by far the Boulders Beach Hotel.This adaptable, well-appointed hotel is well positioned on Boulders Beach, home of the African penguin, and can offer a variety of activities ranging from family gatherings to specialized workshops, conferences, or that special birthday.


We’re all looking for things to do that will get us (and the kids) out of the house for a bit, so I recommend making a day of it with a visit to Boulders Beach!


For the holiday goers and out-of-towners, Drive South Africa has some very affordable rental options, so no excuse to hire a car and explore our beautiful coast.