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Boulders Beach ranked second among world’s top 100 beaches

Cape Town’s Boulders Beach ranked second among world’s top 100 beaches

Boulders Beach in Cape Town has been ranked second out of 100 beaches by BeachAtlas’ Golden Beach Awards 2024.

The Skeleton Coast in Namibia was ranked at number nine.

Historically, the quest for the world’s best beaches zeroes in on their visual allure, powdery sands and clear blue waters.

This is the first time that the selection goes beyond the conventional, embracing a richer tapestry of what makes a beach remarkable, encompassing diverse criteria such as the value to the local community, diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), lifestyle offerings, and cultural significance.

This broader perspective shines a light on those beach gems that typically don’t make it onto traditional, unidimensional ‘best beach’ lists.

Building on this criteria, the selection process invited selected travel experts and influencers from around the world to cast their votes and help curate the list.

The criteria:

Classic beauty

Beaches that embody the traditional postcard-perfect image with fine golden sands, clear blue waters, and picturesque landscapes.

Party and lifestyle

Think Ibiza with its nightlife and energetic beach parties, or Dubai, epitomising beachside luxury with its exclusive resorts and upscale ambience.


Inclusive beaches that ensure every visitor feels represented and comfortable, regardless of their background, identity, or abilities.


Beaches like Copacabana in Brazil are integral to their cities’ identities and social life. They are not just tourist attractions but places where local culture and community life flourish.

Natural diversity

This criterion celebrates the diversity of natural beachfronts, from lakes and riverbanks to unique formations. It also highlights the abundant flora and fauna, underlining the ecological richness of these environments.

Cultural significance

Beaches with historical importance or a strong presence in pop culture, including those immortalised in cinema. It highlights shores that have earned a cultural reputation that extends beyond their natural beauty.