A quantum energetic healing session

By Zaria Davies:

Today, I was fortunate enough to receive a quantum dynamic bodywork energy session from Joseph. A little skeptical that it would be something ‘hey-shoo-wow’ and worried he might derail me completely, Joseph’s relaxed attitude put me immediately at ease.  Joseph worked around my body swiftly, touching various pressure points.  The work was quick, efficient and left me feeling landed in my skin. You can watch the session on YouTube at this link: Quantum Dynamic Bodywork Demonstration May 2021

As I got on with the rest of my day, I noticed how upright I stood, and that my shoulders felt like they had dropped 6 inches from my ears.  My breathing was at ease, and I even noticed my voice being more confident and relaxed.

As Joseph explains in the video, his preference is to work with groups as opposed to individual healing sessions – don’t stress, no deep group sharing nonsense, he just likes to ‘dance’ from one body to the next, creating a greater sphere of energetic expansion — from basic physics, the group energy equals more than the some of its parts- why people run marathons in crowds and not alone!

Joseph is down to earth, relaxed and real.  We are lucky to have him here on the peninsular. I highly recommend his work.

His next one-day group Quantum Dynamic Bodywork program will be soon in St James on May 22 – see attached flyer. Come August (date to be announced) he will be offering an overnight Saturday/Sunday program at Boulders Beach Hotel.


USA (808) 756-2772

South Africa (082) 231-0173

And he will be offering a whole weekend of healing at Boulders Beach Lodge in August.

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